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Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind. 

2021-2022  Maple Grove Staff

PrincipalMr. Norris
Ms. Jowett
Office StaffMs. Hodgins
JK/SKMs. Henderson, Ms. van diepen, Ms. Seeger, and Ms. Paeden-Platt
JK/SK Early Childhood EducatorsMs. Iles, Ms. Lalonde, Ms. Posluns
Grade 1                                   Ms. Carter
Grade 1Ms. Jokinen
Grade 2
Ms. Astin
Grade 2
Ms. McKay
Grade 2/3
Ms. Hill
Grade 3
​Mr. Hutchins
Grade 3
Mr. Johnson
​Grade 3
​Ms. Applegate
Grade 4
Ms. Pitt
Grade 4/5
Ms. Oxley
Grade 5
Ms. Whetham
Grade 6
Ms. Debney
Grade 6/7
Ms. Yeoman
Grade 7
Mr. Ellis
Grade 7/8
Ms. Ellsworth
Grade 8
Mr. Martynyshyn
Ms. Hay (remote) and Ms. Hatfield
Primary SERT (K-3)
Ms. Vieira
Junior/Int SERT / LC
Ms. Salerno and Ms. Thibault
Mr. Lee
Mme. Cooper, Mr. Tandia, Mr. Hayes (remote)
Mr. Candelino
Planning Time
Mr. Candelino, Ms. Gidge, Mr. Hayes, Mr. Lee
Mr. McKnight
Educational Assistants
Ms. Beuck, Ms. Corley, Ms. Dand, Ms. Norton, Ms. Sylvain, Ms. Webster, Mr. Whalen, Ms. Whithers
Child & Youth Worker
Mr. Moon (part-time at Maple Grove P.S.)
Custodial Staff
Mr. Camargo